Why Camping Does Not Have to Be Too Rustic If You Choose the Latest Tech

If you've never been tempted to spend a night under the stars on a camping adventure, you may have been put off by the thought of being uncomfortable or being way too far outside of your comfort zone. Still, you may not be aware of some of the technology available to help you regulate temperature and other issues, and maybe it's time for you to take a closer look at what's available.

Temperature Control

While some parts of Australia can get particularly cold, most of the country is known for its toasty temperatures. Either way, you'll want to make sure that you can sleep in relative comfort and not have to rely on (or reject completely) the thought of a sleeping bag.

Perfect Insulation

In this case, you should consider getting a thermally insulated tent, and these are now available in a range of different designs and sizes. They are made with a double-layer construction, with the space in between filled with an insulating material and, typically, a blend of cotton and polyester is placed in between the breathable and waterproof shell.

Keeping out the Sun

Some of these models are also designed to keep the daylight out, which is ideal if you had a particularly late night and want to sleep in when the morning rolls around. It may be a beautifully sunny day outside, but you'd rather not experience that until you are ready, so you should choose a tent that is made from a material that blocks the natural light so that it remains perfectly dark inside, instead.

Let There Be Light

Some tent designs can do the opposite, however. They can provide you with as much light as you can deal with inside. A lighting gantry is built into the structure of the tent on a permanent basis and you won't have to worry about hooking up an external source if you want to read in bed. Typically, this technology is based on LED lighting and the bulbs can be expected to last a long time, and you may also be able to adjust the brightness as needed.

Creature Comforts

As you can see, there are many different 'creature comfort' touches available for those who would rather not be too rustic when they head out for an adventure. With all this in mind, you may now be tempted to plan your first camping trip and may even make it an annual occurrence, so talk with your equipment supplier to see what they can suggest.

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